Mar 31, 2011

Reason Enough

Some music I had up on Amie Street while it was still around. Now thought I would re-post it on bandcamp. Please take a listen and give your thoughts. All of these tracks were done in Reason


Mar 23, 2011

Chad VanGaalen

Nice little interview with Chad VanGaalen about his animations, his music and performing.

Here is a new EP of his where 100% of the profit goes to Japan


Mar 21, 2011


Here is a piece of music I made last year at some point. Thought I would post it on soundcloud and get a little more feedback on it. I was learning a about Dorian Modes in scales and this track came out of that. There is still lost to learn.

Dorian by guidewire

I think I also chimed into Dorian Modes at the time because I was also listening to the artist that goes by the name Dorian Concept ...


Mar 16, 2011

Tim Hecker

I thought this combination would be nice together. Curious about the idea of "church music for atheists".


Mar 9, 2011

100 Dollar Film Festival

This weekend both my father and I had a films in 100 Dollar Film Festival in Calgary, Alberta.

I've captured into the digital realm and put it up on youtube for all to enjoy. I made this for the 2009 "One Take Super 8" in Regina. It was pretty amazing to see it up on the big screen with various other experimental film makers from around the world.

And here is my dad's film "Big Jim"


The New Sound Of Music 1979

I love this so much ...